Cox Stud Welding is a world-class, global weld stud manufacturer and a full-service supplier for all stud welding needs. For half a century, Cox Stud Welding has been manufacturing weld studs through innovative processes, creative solutions and cutting-edge technology.


Standing on a bridge deck that his team had just completed in the fall of 1965, Charles Cox had a bold idea to supply his own bridge erecting company with shear connectors. From this initial idea and through countless hours of engineering and testing, Charles founded Cox Industries in Warren, Michigan in 1972. By manufacturing high quality weld studs, introducing new product solutions and continuously improving their manufacturing processes, Cox Industries became a key player in the national marketplace, servicing industries ranging from automotive and commercial vehicles to construction and steel fabrication.


Today, Cox Stud Welding is a leading global stud welding manufacturer who continues to introduce new products and take advantage of new techniques and opportunities. Through major advancements in science and technology, Cox Stud Welding continues to take on new challenges while delivering products with the highest performance and quality. From around the globe, customers know they can always rely on Cox Stud Welding for the highest quality products, excellence in service and knowledgeable technical support.